Petra Oberucova

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself."


Throughout my travels, I have come to appreciate not only how much all people have in common, but also how very beautiful this planet we live on is.  My hope is that photography can serve as a reminder of all the beauty that surrounds us.  Photography can teach us, open our eyes to other worlds, and inspire us to love and preserve our Mother Earth.  A world filled with more colors and shades than the most powerful computer could ever generate.  I want to share her curves, her lights, shadows, and her smile.


I was born in Slovakia, lived in New York City, and now taking a journey thru the World.  I studied Veterinary Science in high school and while my career has taken me on a different path, I maintain a strong connection to animals and nature as a whole.


My first camera was given to me by my parents when I was 10 and I have been addicted to photography since that day.  I brought it everywhere: hiking in the forest, skiing in the Alps, a trip to Norway where I captured my first landscapes of the Fjords and majestic whales … always with the expectation of finding something magnificent and then wanting to share it with others.


Through my photography, I hope to extend my love of nature, the environment, and all that our Mother Earth has to offer.  We are facing an uncertain future that will be filled with the consequences of our global neglect and it’s important that we preserve whatever beauty she has left.